Whether you’re looking for your next family vacation home, a honeymoon haven that lasts longer than that honeymoon phase, or building special moments away from the metropolitan lifestyle, the Ranches at Belt Creek make great destination locations.

Our legacy ranch is not only dedicated to giving you and your family a unique outdoor adventure, but we also want to give you the opportunity to take a piece of that authentic experience with you, forever.

If you love the outdoors, you can invest in your very own Legacy Property at the Ranches at Belt Creek.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to own a ranch before, you don’t need to read a Ranch Buying Guide to help you learn the ins-and-outs of owning your very own property. It’s as easy as owning a piece of heaven.

At the Ranches at Belt Creek, it’s not just a piece of land. It is peace of mind in leaving a legacy of outdoor adventure to your family for years to come.

Montana Ranches For Sale
Leave your legacy by investing in a custom home builder ranch in Montana. Nestled in between two large mountain ranges and smack-dab in the middle of the available properties on the Montana Ranch Map, you’re not just investing in a property for you and your family, your investing and preserving a traditional, American way of life.

You’re not just conserving nature by financing land at Belt Creek, you’re safeguarding Montana culture and the real ranch experience.

You’re not just buying a house, you’re contributing to the Ranches at Belt Creek desire to preserve and celebrate a unique, American way of life.

Location, Location, Location
With any property, location is crucial for developers and investors alike.

Fortunately, Belt Creek:

is located throughout the rolling plains of Montana and surrounded by a 360-degree view of stunning mountains in the Northern Rocky Mountains—you get the best of both worlds.

is underneath the Big Country Sky to give you the endless, open celestial scene you’ve been craving in your urban neighborhood.

has land options ranging from 5 to 30-acres of area, with access to the Montana Sporting Club.

will give you full admittance to our clubhouse for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

gives you a firsthand experience of traditional American favorites—from special events, horseback riding, a sporting clay course, a shooting range, 3D archery, fly fishing waters, and rental cabins.

Amenities at Belt Creek
Owning your own home or cabin for sale at Belt Creek gives you the opportunity to also take ownership of the many traditional activities offered on-site—giving you and your guests the creature comforts of a true ranch experience.

You’re not only buying into a property and ton of beautiful land, but you’re also purchasing family-friendly fun and a legacy of larger-than-life activities.

You’ll have access to:

a fly fishing river for endless days of fish-catching recreation on the water.

horseback riding to feel freedom out on your land.

sporting clays to test your target practice.

ATVs to get out on the land—with speed.

river rafting to fulfill your sense of adventure.

skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.

any activity outdoors with all the extra land and open space!

We’re not just selling properties with activities, we want to sell your family a place where they can build your legacy estate.

A Match Made in Heaven for Your Outdoor Haven
At the Ranches at Belt Creek, you’ll get a beautiful blend between a luxury Montana lodge, the nostalgia of a working ranch, the peacefulness of casting a line down the creek, and the thrill of a world-class skiing resort, all in one.

If you’re already looking for homes for sale, Montana can bring you the outdoors inside your vacation home.

From the freedom of the great outdoors to the liberation from ordinary life, from a treasure for your family to keep for generations to a chance to be immersed in nature’s beauty, your luxury ranch property awaits.

Your home haven hospitality will have all the same feel as our 5-star accommodation and Dude Ranch. The only difference? It’s your land. It’s your legacy.

At Belt Creek, you, your family, and your friends will feel right at home—immediately.

The Legacy Properties at Belt Creek are offering an exclusive collection of luxury ranch real estate properties located on 800 acres of rolling hills, each with panoramic views of the surrounding Little Belt and Highwood Mountains.

Located just a few miles outside the quaint town of Belt, Montana, you can finally buy your dream home here to match your unique sportsman lifestyle on prime Montana Real Estate as the epitome of creating your legacy.

You’ll be able to choose from properties of 5 to 10 to 20 acres to ranch estates. For a comfy yet spacious nook on your very own piece of land, you’ll be able to learn how to fly fish, enjoy an unforgettable horseback ride or hike in the backcountry, and rest in a signature style home to make you feel comfortable from your first step inside.

Here are a few highlighted properties available on the Belt Creek:

Long Horn Ranch: Watch the sunrise from this ranch, spanning out a size of 5.02 acres, this ranch is set an elevation of 3930 ft, with a beautiful view of the Highwood Mountain Range.

Sapphire Ranch: From sunrise to sunset, this ranch reaches a full 5.05 acres and gives you landscaping view of the Belt Butte and the Highwood Range. Raised on an elevation of 4050 ft, you’ll feel at the top of the world.

White Wolf Ranch: With a scanning view of the mountain range and the summit of Belt Butte, this 5.17-acre land is atop 4055 feet of elevation.

Sitting Bull Ranch: Located over 5 acres of land, this 4015-foot high ranch is nestled between the views of the Little Belt, Belt Butte, and Highwood Mountain Ranges.

Please see our complete list of Montana properties available here. If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ page for more.

Fresh Country in Your Backyard
From dining fresh on your wild game cuisine of the season or your catch of the day to enjoying the fresh air outside, your new property will grant you access to extremely authentic Montana experiences, available literally from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is open your back door.

Make fond memories with your family, lasting impressions with guests, live the rancher’s life, get a true taste of Montana, and leave a legacy for your family and generations to come.